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Call for Paper/Conference Tracks

Authors are solicited to contribute original, unpublished contributions in all aspects of oil and gas reservoir geology and exploitation engineering. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Track 1: Occurrence and accumulation mechanism of unconventional oil and gas
  • Track 2: Formation mechanism, prediction and evaluation methods of unconventional reservoirs
  • Track 3: Theory and technology of drilling & completions and well pattern optimization design of unconventional reservoirs
  • Track 4: Stimulation technique and EOR of unconventional reservoirs
  • Track 5: New laboratory techniques and methods of unconventional reservoirs
  • Track 6: Development prospect and potential outlooks of unconventional reservoir
  • Track 7: Youth Forum on unconventional oil and gas

Communication form

1. Oral Presentation:

The conference uses both Chinese and English as its language with simultaneous interpretation.

The conference sets up different types of exchanges and reports such as plenary speeches, sub-session presentations and poster presentations.

Accepted abstracts will be included in the abstract book of the 9th International Symposium of the State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation (electronic version) for academic propose.

Presentation certifications will be provided to the presenters after each presentation in sub-sessions.

2. Plenary and Keynote Speakers:

Susan Nash, Yitian Xiao, Michael Abrams, Tongwei Zhang, Qinhong Hu, John Yilin Wang, Hairuo Qing, Jiashun Yu, Chengzao Jia, Jinxing Dai, Fang Hao, Junzhi Jin, Yongsheng Ma, Pingan Peng, Tieguan Wang, Wenzhi Zhao, Caineng Zou, Daqing Jiao, Xiangzeng Wang, Gangyi Zhai, Xusheng Guo.

3. Poster:

Posters can be in English or Chinese. The poster should be single side in A1 size (594mm×841mm). The template can be download online.